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Applications to join KRC are closed.
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KRC what is it?

Move forward together to move forward further. The notion of group and team is dear to us at Kalenji and we consider that running is even more exciting when it is shared. We share our objectives, our difficulties, our joys.

The KRC is a community of runners, from the beginner to the passionate. We propose them to share their desire to run, to motivate themselves, to exchange together.

By becoming an ambassador, you will create the squad of your city to motivate as many people as possible to go running, you will become a source of inspiration for those who want to discover running.

Social run

  • Sport

    Running for your physical 
    or mental well-being 
    (sometimes to surpass yourself), 
    we keep you healthy!

  • Connect

    Running in a group can be 
    a source of motivation or 
    inspiration to start running 
    or stay motivated.

  • Lifestyle

    Share your love 
    for beautiful products. 
    Get access to exclusive products 
    for you and your team.

Being an ambassador

Welcome in the family, KALENJI running club.

By joining the Kalenji Running Club, you will receive the new Kalenji products, you will promote them, you will share the experience with our community, you will animate your running club in your city and you will become a real source of inspiration.

You want to join us? It's open to everyone, so take this chance and apply now!

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